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Mixing Math into Summer, While Keeping Play at the Top of the Agenda

Guest post by Marlene Kliman. Illustrations by Valerie Martin. In recent years, the importance of maintaining children’s academic skills over the summer has edged into the national conversation (www.summerlearning.org). With … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Activity: Snapshot Serengeti has a new batch of photos!

We got an e-mail last week from Zooniverse alerting us to Season 5: a new crop of photos that need identifying over at Snapshot Serengeti. We spent a few minutes … Continue reading

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Close Encounter: Sea Turtle Stranding in Florida

Like many marine species, sea turtle populations are endangered because habitats, nesting grounds and food supply are polluted and destroyed by human activities. Many organizations and volunteers worldwide are working … Continue reading

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Discovery! Triceratops Family Unearthed in Wyoming

The Black Hills Institute of Geological Research and the Naturalis Biodiversity Center announced in May that they found three triceratops skeletons on a ranch near Newcastle, Wyoming. The researchers, who were … Continue reading

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The Buzz About Bees: A Tumblehome Quiz

Summer’s fast approaching and the pollinators are out in full force. Test your knowledge with our bee quiz (scroll down for answers)! 1. True or False? Charles Darwin used bees … Continue reading

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The Humbling Power of Tornadoes

Guest post by Michael Erb, author of Kelvin McCloud and the Seaside Storm, and Tumblehome Learning’s resident weather expert. Last week, a tornado struck the town of Moore, Oklahoma, killing 24 … Continue reading

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So, What Caused the Fish Kill?

Emily Sanders is a typical seventh grader – reluctant to see the summer end, she is dealing with BFF drama with her friend Leanne as she heads back to school … Continue reading

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Weekend Guest: a Gray Tree Frog

It’s a good thing we looked before we sat down because this gray tree frog was relaxing on our weathered adirondack chair. Happy Friday, everyone.

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Let’s Get Kids Moving in School: Physical Education is Not a Recess From Learning

The May 2013 recommendations from the National Institute of Medicine (IOM) agree with what many teachers and parents have been saying all along – physical movement every day not only lessens … Continue reading

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