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Happy Birthday to Roy Chapman Andrews, a real-life Indiana Jones

Roy Chapman Andrews would have been 129 years old today, and we remember him because he made discoveries and wrote books that continue to inspire an interest in and love of dinosaurs in children and adults alike.

Roy Chapman Andrews

Roy Chapman Andrews

Born in Wisconsin in 1884, Andrew’s adventures first took him to New York City, where he started out sweeping floors at the Museum of Natural History and eventually worked his way up to the role of Museum Director. Andrews earned respect and fame as an explorer, searching for evidence of creatures both living and long dead. He led expeditions all over the world, most famously in the Gobi of Mongolia, where he uncovered dinosaur eggs and fossils of never-seen-before species.

Velociraptor skeleton

Velociraptor skeleton

Andrews discovered many new types of dinosaurs, including proceratops, pinacosaurus, and velociraptors. He even had one named after him, andrewsarchus. His travels were wild with adventure, and he carried a pistol and other weapons everywhere on the expeditions, leading many to speculate that the movie character Indiana Jones is modeled after him. His life and times illustrate that paleontology is in fact a real-life adventure that can spark imagination in many ways. Kids can learn more about the science of fossils and Roy Chapman Andrews in Tumblehome Learning’s Galactic Academy of Science Adventure #2, The Furious Case of the Fraudulent Fossil, in which two friends, Benson and Anita, travel through time to outwit a fossil thief. Check it out!



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